Sunday, 9 December 2007


This is not a toy. How cute it may look this is really a serious handmade machine for roasting coffee that will be my new reference. Three controlable electric powered infrared heat radiators and variable airflow is controling the important convective heat. No worries about uncombusted gases affecting the coffee or drumlicking flames adding that nicotinesmell to the coffee. Clean heat pulling out the best of every coffee.
Jay is proudly building this high precisioned masterpiece. This humble guy at the Diedrich Manufacturer is making one machine a week by hand, piece by piece and now he is building my machine with an up to 450gram miracle roastdrum made out of a lowcarbon coldrolled alloy witch has proved to give a more even conductive heat.
A very intesting thing will be to see how small amount of coffee is able to roast well. I believe it will be around 50grams. A durable sampleroaster.