Monday, 28 January 2008


No, it is not flavoured coffee.
Sugar is the name of the game says Graciano Cruz, the Panamanian coffeeproducer who adopted the african dryingbeds and made it the core of his processing.
He does two methods. The Natural and The Honey. Both have in coffee as a cherry point of view some thing in common. Sugar. Lots of it. Nothing below the rate of 20 is allowed in the honey. He prefere it higher than 24. Defects are rare, but if there are some, they will be sorted out at once on the bed.
The Honey is similar to a semiwashprocess but with zero water used.
-That means also zero pollution, he says with a confident look. -Every pulp goes back to the soil after becoming organic fertilizer.
In The Honeyprocess the full mucilage is kept and the magic epitaxi of sugar happens in the slow drying process that Graciano has the full control over with a little help of a weatherstation.

Victor, a farmer with a little plantation of Tipica located in Bambito, Volcan at 1700meters is one of a few farmers who works with Graciano. Before his coffee to some washingstation who transformed it and blended it to a mediumbody mediumsweet medium. Learning The Honeyprocess he is now doing all steps of his farming himself and also garantied to get between 3-6times more for his coffee depending of cuppingscores. He has his dryingbeds at home on his backyard. The coffee is really looking good. Caramellized sugar on the outside of the parchment and a smell of tangerine and honey.
Straight from the bed I was expecting it to be shut and astringent as a to fresh washed coffee use to be.
But it wasnt.
A sweet honeyfragnance on the edge of her skin. Delicate milkchocolate baby with all kinds of flowers that honeybees has ever visited, in her hair. The kiss was a long sweet taste of yellow fruit with perfect lingering acidity all the way threw. Her goodbye was as bitter as a good vahlrona. She left me with a lot of sweet memories.