Sunday, 20 April 2008


People want to grind their coffee on demand and that is a good thing. It can be beautyful to see a skilled barista work with flapflap, but if you cant handle a dispenser properly it takes some training to use it efficiant without waisting coffee. When coffeeshops starts to think about time, effort and waisted coffee at the grinder they often get scared about the numbers when it comes down to lost money and lost service.
What difference can a grinder make?
Make a timestudy. For a highvolume coffeeshop it can make a difference of 100.000skr and more a year in lost time and coffeewaist.

This grinder is an early prototype of a similar convertion that Costas made for WBC, but made out of the top of a PET can and the chute from an Aeropress to avoid the coffee from reacting with metal. Eliminating eventual magnetic and tasteproblems. This Compak grinder has conical burrs with quite slow rotations to keep the coffee at the coolest possible.
By testing and finding the right geometries in the chute, a quite fair distribution can be obtained without touching the coffee, with one easy collapse only. A better distribution gains when grinding half the dose, shaking the portafilter a bit, and grind the rest with some distribution by hand after. The taste differs of course depending how you do it..
The intresting thing is the fact that this takes about 6 seconds to grind and distribute ready to tamp, compared to about a 16sek with the same grinder but dispenser.
If you are pulling 5kgs a day, that would mean ... 50 minutes to do something else.

If you are in the neigborhood this primitive mod is going to be tested by Remheden in Arlas booth at Gastro Nord from tuesday-sunday at the Älvsjö fair. Comments are welcome.
Or you can stop by and zip a Cuatro. With or without milk


Kiril said...

haha, swedish design at its best as always ... i love the fact that the aeropress funnel is held by few bits of sticky tape haha
well hey ... what ever does the job, RIGHT??? cant wait to get my hands on this creation.

Axel said...

Lovely David :)

Dan Stenqvist said...

Vrålfet lösning! Synes imorgon.

david haugaard said...

Fatty 70. Ses på gastro dan the man. Det var inte igår jag prova Zoegas esp.

Its art Kiril. There is nothing ducttape and a knife cant fix says macgyver. He might have something there?

Josef Rudenlöv said...

o nice! kommer storma dram på mässan på torsdag :)